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      STARBOARD WINGBOARD (SOLD OUT). 2022's on the way. Preorder Now.

      STARBOARD WINGBOARD (SOLD OUT).  2022's on the way. Preorder Now.





      Some riders “get it” right away, while others struggle, this is much down to choosing the right gear and understanding the basics technical aspects.

      Our target is an early and easy take-off, superb balance while riding, easy touch down with fast relaunch.


      Sold Out $1,105.00

      WINGFOILING IS HAPPENING. PERFORMANCE LEVELS ARE RISING TIME TO JOIN THE FUN LIGHT-STRONG-AFFORDABLE LITE TECH LIGHT, STRONG, AFFORDABLE Extra rigidity with the introduction of unidirectional stringer bands and solid with added rail / nose reinforcements. Australian pine on standing area...

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      From $1,102.00

      2022 Starboard Inflatable 10'8" X 33" iGO INFLATABLE PADDLE BOARD — STABLE — A popular entry-level size, perfect for schools and centers that want one board that does it all. This board is faster to turn than the longer sizes...

      Sold Out $1,302.00

      2022 Starboard Wingboard 4 in 1    Wingsurf, Windsurf, SUP and Wing Paddling all in 1 Arriving MID MAY 2022 This popular model - is revised with new graphics for 2022. Starboard designed this all round water activity board as a...

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      Sold Out $1,342.00

      Starboard Inflatable Wingboard Deluxe SC 10'4"31" 4 in 1 SUP - WINDSURF - WING SURF - WING PADDLINGIdeal for those who want to learn to handle a FreeWing in the water without the use of a foil. The wide nose...

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      Sold Out $1,145.00

      2022 Starboard Wingboard Lite Tech  The new Wingboard range from Starboard takes design inspiration from our high-performance SUP foil boards and Olympic class Windsurf foil boards – combining the speed and efficiency of foiling with the power of the wind....

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      Sold Out $2,021.00

      BLUE CARBON THE BEST VALUE FULL CARBON CONSTRUCTION WE HAVE EVER PRODUCED • Top grade 150g Biaxial Carbon wraps the entire board, joining with an overlap on the deck and bottom to create flat stringer, increasing the total breakage strength....

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      From $987.00

      “GREAT STABILITY, CONTROL AND EASE OF USE FOR YOU”   The FreeWing AIR V2 is now more stable & stiffer, offering more reactivity, acceleration & speed.   The FreeWing AIR is designed for wing foil beginners to down-the-line wing surfers....


      Foil Surf Starboard Foil Surf  Acts as a 2 in 1, being the shortest SUP Foil board and also a stable prone foil surf option. The Volume gives plenty of oat for heavier riders, as well as those requiring extra...

      On Sale Sold Out $2,743.00 $1,185.00

       BLUE CARBON 2021 STARBOARD WINGBOARD 6’7” X 28” BLUE CARBON LIGHTWEIGHT, 2x FULL CARBON, STRONG AND DURABLE Full wrap of 150g Biaxial Carbon for its durable skin and strength, combined with a full UD Carbon wrap for additional stiffness and...

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