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      Combination of Windsurfing, Kitesurfing, Paddleboarding and Foiling all in one. 

      Winging is the new kid on the wind block. Wingsurfing, holding the actual wing above your head in your hands to generate power, has arrived and it is here to stay. Winging on Foils brought it to life but foiling is tough (but rewarding) and just one of the many ways to wing.  We tend to believe that winging is the ultimate paddleboard accessory. Buy a wing, stick a removable centre fin on your paddleboard, and, voila the wind is your friend! We all started winging on paddleboards and even though we have foiled, windsurfed, kited, and paddled for decades, it is great fun. Add an Ocean Rodeo Aluula (lighter, stronger, stiffer) Glide wing to your quiver and fly!