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      Windstar Watersports pandemic promise for ordering products

      First, this incredibly annoying , and devastating for many, pandemic is almost over in Canada: come July get ready to party, paddle, kite, and foil.

      Secondly, the pandemic has negatively affected many supply chains over numerous industries including the water sports gear industry. This supply side problem has been exacerbated by the unseen, yet very real increase in demand in many sectors. Have you tired to buy a bike or bike parts lately? Some bike shops in Vancouver do not even answer the phone anymore, this is but one example of demand far exceeding current supply.

      If you purchase an item from us and we, unfortunately, do not have it in stock and we do not see it immediately available at a supplier: We will not post the transaction. We will make every attempt to give you the most realistic timeline or alternate suggestions that we can. It is then up to you to decide whether to wait, or to move on. If you decide to wait it out an automatic 5% discount will apply.

      The supply side problems should diminish by next season, but if you see something and we have it, our suggestion is to take it.

      WindStar WaterSports Inc.