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      The owners of WindStar WaterSports live, breathe and dream wind.

      Why? Why not.....

      Wind, the endless resource that comes to us free of charge.


      Marc began his forty-year adventure in the early 80s with wind sports on an original windsurfer, teak boom and all. No Internet, no lessons, no instructions. He just went out and took a beating day after day, until he saw progression. This progression turned into an opportunity to teach others , and widen the community. Marc was paddle boarding long before it mainstreamed, allowing him to utilize his skills, a kayak paddle and a starboard START board to direct his windsurfing students. With Marcs guidance, his students learnt the sport in an average of 60 minutes!

      Angie on her way to find a new home on the coast, got sidetracked and fell in love with Kelowna. It was the perfect home for what one can only describe as an incredibly adventurous family. With 16 visits to emergency in 2020, almost evenly distributed between two parents and two teenagers (even Stewey the Australian labradoodle had a emergency visit),  Angie and her family prove their determination fully to explore the great outdoors. Travelling extensively around the world, allowed the family to enrich their experience with kiting, different cultures and environments.


      WindStar WaterSports is a premium watersports boutique. We love Ocean Rodeo (since 2004); Starboard (since 2003) and Alpine Foils (since 2015). There has never been a better time to play in the wind and water than now, the decade of truly wild innovations in wind driven watersports gear. Come Join The Fun!



      Angie and Marc